Friday, May 22, 2009

We have a winner!!!!!!

Dear Farm Girls!!!!! Thank you for your help! I have two winners in the contest!! I am giving the prize to Dawn in Il for recommending I email the Morton Arboretum, who correctly identifed the shrub as "eleangus umbellata" or also calld "autumn olive". I will also send the person who answered my question at the arboretum a prize. You have all been so wonderful and this has been so much fun, and now I know so much about this plant including the fact that it was originally from China, is now becomming a invasive species and that it's fruit has more anti-oxidants in it than tomatoes. The fruit is high in protein, and the seeds and flowers can be used to treat pulmonary infections.( for more info go to or . Thank you all for participating. This was educational and fun. Nadine

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