Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flowers in May

My partner had the wonderful foresight to give me a gift certificate for a nursery down the street from our house for Christmas last year, and today was the perfect day to use it.

I had so much fun browsing through all the living things. I couldn't decide on which variety of tomatoes to buy, so I purchased five: yellow Dixie, chocolate cherry, early girl, super sweets, and yellow pear. I had my first chocolate-colored tomato last year, when a client of Gary's was going on vacation. She gave him a bagful from her garden, so they wouldn't go to waste while she was away. I had never even seen a "black" tomato before, and I was fully intrigued. It was mysterious, exotic,and full flavored. It was love at first sight and bite. I confess, I love to cut colorful heirloom tomatoes open, and admire how pretty they look sitting on a cobalt blue plate.

I splurged on the early-girl by getting one that is already two feet in height. For the last several years, I have made the mistake of buying varieties that are late to bear fruit, and we haven't had tomatoes until September, which is too long to wait for me. This year, I'm sure we'll be eating them off the vine by mid summer, thanks to the half-way grown plant.

We may be doing a "stay-cation" (vacation taken at home) this year, so I want to make the back yard a tropical Midwestern paradise!

I have to put up my little fountain, and buy more bird seed at Farm and Fleet. Last year some birds got into the store, when they had their big sliding doors open that lead to their garden department outside. Last week, I had to go to the store to do some shoe shopping, and there were still birds flying around the inside of the store!! I wonder if they are the same ones. They sell 50 pound bags of bird seed, and the bags are always breaking open, so I don't think they would have a problem getting food. I don't know how they would get water, though. It really enhances the shopping experience to see little sparrows flying over head. It always makes me feels good!

I'm going to go do dishes, and make Asian style soup for dinner with Soba Noodles. nappa cabbage, and shitake mushrooms Yum!

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